Parenting a Child with ADHD

Does your child have ADHD? Parenting a child with ADHD isn’t easy. But there are two things parents can do to help their child be successful at home and school.
First, gain a deeper understanding of ADHD. This book helps parents see there is much more to childhood ADHD than simply inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Did you know that kids with ADHD are actually not “attention deficit?” Truth is, kids with ADHD are actually too attentive, which makes it difficult for them to tune things out and focus on what they are supposed to be doing. This book describes childhood ADHD in 19 easy to understand concepts such as:

  • ADHD kids are unable to be bored.
  • ADHD kids have problems visualizing how long tasks will take.
  • ADHD kids think boring tasks will “take forever.”
  • ADHD kids have problems with delayed gratification.

The second step is to learn tried and tested parenting strategies. The authors walk parents through common challenges they may face with their ADHD child. But more importantly, they share solutions for those common problems; the same solutions they give their clients in therapy and in school staff meetings. In only 125 pages, parents will understand ADHD and acquire proven ways to help their child succeed at home, in school, and in life.  

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Completely Understand ADHD in this 39 Page, 1 Hour Read!


If you have a child with ADHD, there are no excusses.. you HAVE to read this book!  It's only 39 pages, less than an hour read!  We understand parents are busy.  That's why we made this book as informative, but as short as possible.  Keep in mind, the content of this short book is the same information found in "Part One" of our newly released book (above).  This "quick read" book simply leaves out "Part Two" - parenting strategies.  This book is great to give to others (such as teachers or relatives) to help them better understand your child's ADHD.   

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We "Get It", Because We Have Lived It Too!


Father and son authors Gary Unruh and Eric Unruh “get it” because they have lived it. They have ADHD themselves and have personally experienced ADHD from both the parent’s perspective and the child’s perspective. In addition, they are both successful mental health professionals who together have spent 60-plus years helping ADHD kids live up to their full potential. It's from their personal and professional experience that they are able to help parents truly understand and help children with ADHD.