A Life Giving, Brand New Parenting Approach

Counseling children for over 40 years, I learned one essential fact:  Unattended fear, fueled by anger, contaminates who we are intended to be – kind, fueled by love.

The Problem:

Fear is activated at birth, no training required.  Good for physical survival, but if unattended, diminishes mental health.

The Solution:

Fully integrated kindness ensures unlimited deep contentment and guaranteed enduring close relationships.

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Eight LIFT Stories


#1 Love Infused Conflict = Self-Confidence

 Discover two never-before revealed secrets that cause low self-confidence. Find out how self-confidence (I’m lovable) is achieved through LIFT’s easy to understand explanations and interventions. LIFT essentials: Fear of failure (conflict) is infused with kindness (love), resulting in self-confidence being created and established. 


#2 Accepted Emotions During Conflict? Everything Changes

 Learn about a girl’s inside thoughts about her emotions and behavior during a parent/child conflict – before and after LIFT personalized love interventions. Moving from disconnected to connected results in smooth conflict resolution and increased “I feel good about myself.” 


#3 I’m Loveable—Important?

 Listen to a 5th grader’s learning experience about what causes good thoughts vs. mean thoughts and behavior. Mean people are mean to themselves; kind people are kind to themselves. Get first-hand experience on how LIFT’s applied concepts establish kind thoughts and behaviour, resulting in a human’s intended identity: “I’m loveable.” 


#4 Avert an 8.5 Earthquake When Your Child Makes a Mistake

Experience a ten-year-old’s inside story of how mistakes are like an earthquake with destructive seismic anger waves. A deep down fear fault line splits. LIFT permanently joins this split with an easy-to-learn earthquake-proof structure. Joining during conflict establishes belonging, a deep down requirement for physical, mental, and spiritual health. 


#5 Kind Validation During Child Problems: Knocks Out Abandonment – Life’s Worse Fear

Listen to a sophomore’s classroom discussion about inside abandonment – “no one loves me.” Experience in real time how unconscious fear causes destructive, splitting anger during conflict. Learn how LIFT eliminates anger, transforming separation into deep joining and belonging – the most core human need.


#6 Better Let Your Teenager Know All About Everyone’s CEO “I” and Beliefs “me”

Listen in to a teenager learning about a human’s two inside parts. The “I” is our wellspring, the kindness source that oversees everything. The “me” is our developed beliefs, thinking, and behaviour, similar to a river’s headwaters. Learn how LIFT’s kindness parenting fully develops one’s kindness “I,” resulting in a kind “me.” The outcome: Belief that “I am lovable,” a human’s most core, intended, one-of-a-kind identity! 


#7 Your Child’s Fear: Deflate Permanently – Live Fully

Learn what a college girl’s psych professor taught her about Abandonment, a human’s potentially biggest fear from the moment of birth. LIFT reveals how unattended parent/child conflict is experienced as splitting apart (abandonment), unconsciously felt as possible death – terrifying at a deep down level. Learn how LIFT parenting bypasses splitting conflict and instead forges a bond during conflict. LIFT’s signature deep-seated emotion validation technique welds the bond, permanently deflating Fear. “I’m lovable” is established. 


#8 Your Child’s Body/Emotions and Behavior. Which is chicken? Which is Egg?

 Normal parenting is based upon behavior being the egg – the beginning and end-all of everything. Emotions are rarely the primary focus. Learn how a fourth grader learns a critical life-saving lesson: body/emotion is the egg and the behavior is the chicken. Follow how the teacher skilfully helps the children to experience the natural flow between body, emotions, and resulting behavior. Helpful real-life examples establish deep down experiences of how body and emotions are the start of everything. 


Review the LIFT Summary and Request Full LIFT Theory

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